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Whew, what a week and I say that with other things in life involved as well combined with the DS106 lifestyle. Hard to imagine it’s already week five. I learned a lot this week, ranging from photography techniques and skills to pimping up my flickr and a lot of other small, but useful things.

I started off this week by a forming a group with some of our classmates, consisting of myself, Cooper, Daniel, Thomas, and Ryan. We all ultimately decided that our group will be know as “Picante Radio”.

Next thing I did was the four required daily creates. The first one I did was to record an audio file of my local radio and see what they played during a live broadcast. The second one I did was an attempt to draw my professor, and in this case, was professor Polack. Granted, my artistic ability was very poor but I think I got it down accurately? The third one was where I had to record a short audio file of basically what sounds go on in everyday outside life. I managed to get a chirping bird and a lot of other small noises that reflect the beauty of life. Lastly, the fourth one was to create something using only string, and I ended up creating (or tried to at least) Godzilla, the king of all monsters.

I then moved on to the photo blitz assignment. It was a pretty fun assignment, although the given tutorial irked me a first because the current flickr did not match the one being illustrated in the tutorial but I managed to adapt to the changes pretty quickly nonetheless. While on the topic of flickr, I went ahead and began to pimp out my flickr and chose the best photos I thought were deemed worthy to belong in a “best of” type of set. I attempted to try and embed the set itself but it would not work for some reason, even though I had found a plugin for wordpress that allowed sets to be present on posts. I also went on to change the URL from the given weird combo of symbols, numbers, and letters, to “deviantangel”, which in the ends looks like: https://www.flickr.com/photos/deviantangel/. I also used David duChemin’s ten tips to help me do both assignments.

Lastly, I started to work on the visual assignments, which had to equate to eight stars in total, with about three or so already given from the required Apophenia assignment. The other two assignments I ended up choosing where the Album Cover and the Color Splash one. All three of these ended meeting the required eight star minimum.

As each day of this class goes on, the more knowledge I develop of digital storytelling, along with the many elements it has. For example, last week, I learned about the audio aspect of it, and this week, I learned the visual aspect of it. However, I am still getting used to all these techniques but I am definitely more comfortable and less anxious about these assignments. Looking back from the start of this semester to now, I like to think I’d improved in some areas but not all of them as I would hope but I am optimistic about the future and what lies ahead of me.

Until next week folks!

Bucket Apophenia! (3 stars ish)

So while brushing my teeth earlier today, I noticed that there was bucket with a nozzle sticking out of it in our bathroom. I proceeded to take a picture of it because I thought of some clever and funny ways to interpret the bucket based on our assignment, Aphenia.

The application I used to edit these photos is google drawings, which allowed me to upload the screenshot and proceeded to allow me to draw whatever I please on that image. My first idea was to draw a face with a disgusted expression on the bucket itself while also (attempting) to draw vomit coming out of the nozzle. Here is the result:

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 7.46.36 PM

The second idea was that I could flip the bucket a full 180 degrees to make it upside down and put it on a lego head and make it like a bucket hat (since that seems to be a popular fashion trend these days). Lego heads are always awesome with whatever you equip them with. This is the result:

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 8.07.40 PM

Overall, I thought the pictures came out well enough for me liking, although of course they’re not professionally done because I like the skill and necessary software for that. This assignment really showed me to use my surroundings and create something cool and funny out of them.

Stop Sign Color Splash

This assignment was pretty simple, other than the minor difficulty of finding a proper application to use for this color splash. I ended up finding an app on my iPhone with a similar name, but it was called Color Effects. I chose to use a Stop Sign as my picture, because of the simplicity and dominating red color it usually has.

This is before the color effects:

And this was after (I do not know why there are huge black spaces above and below the photo so I apologize for that):



I thought this assignment was pretty fun, as I got to experiment and play around with the app I used, although it was annoying to use because of the amount ads that kept popping up, but granted, it is a free app. This assignment was three stars, and the second one contributing towards my total of eight.

Michael DeKort’s “Someone Who Has Offended Them” (Album Cover)

For our visual assignments this week, I chose the album cover one (3 stars) to contribute towards my 8 star requirement. Following the given three steps, I obtained these random elements that contributed to my creation of my album cover:

1) Band Name

2) Title of Album: “Someone who has offended them

3) Album Art

I used the google docs tool to implement all three elements and they had an option of letting me implement text on the photo so I could put in the band name and the album name. After playing around with it for a little bit, I ended up with this final product:

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 5.53.39 PM


Since this assignment was created solely on random events, there is no inspiration or background story to this, but I did have a great laugh while creating this because of what elements I was randomly given. To me, the name sounds better as a single rather than a whole album but that’s just me. The difficult part was trying to find the right fonts and colors because of how blury the picture was but I was able to compensate well enough and find some stuff I found worthy to be on the cover.

Look out for Michael DeKort’s “Someone Who Has Offended Them” in stores near you soon!


Photography Learning Process

We were given ten tips this week as a basis for our photography learning process, and how we could incorporate those tips into our present and possibly future assignments. The tips were given to us by a relatively cheap eBook from David duChemin called TEN: Ten Ways to Improve Your Craft. None of Them Involve Buying Gear. These were really useful as I had not thought of taking these tips into consideration before. I used these specifically for my photoblitz assignment because of the amount of photos I had to take for that. However, there was a daily create in the past where I noticed the lighting was pretty cool in my book.

Not sure if i'm doing this right...

I noticed that the lighting and contrast was on one half of the photo while it was bit darker on the other half and I thought it was pretty cool how that photo turned out. Although it is mainly ideal to have a great lighting and contrast for a photo, I believe sometimes a dark contrast provides a better dynamic atmosphere in some sense in certain photos. I actually had no intention for the photo to come out like this when I took it, but when I saw the ten tips, I thought to myself, hey, this photo actually looks cool under some of those tips!

(I tried to write my summary on the google docs page, but the website would not allow me to post anything because it only said “View Only” and thus I posted my summary here)

My Best Flickr Set!

Creating a set on flickr was a bit confusing because of how outdated the tutorial was but I was able to figure it out quickly. I chose the five best photos I had uploaded. I tried downloading a plugin to allow the set itself to be embedded on this post but it refused to work and I could not figure out any other way to embed it.

My set consisted of a bowl of pho, my family’s dog, a picture of all the Pokemon starters so far, the Washington Capitals, and my creative daily create of illustrating the slope formula (or known was “rise over run”). These photos represented some of my favorite things, among some of the work I deemed worthy on being in this set. I chose pho because it is arguably my most favorite thing ever and my favorite food of all time. Pokemon is always going to be a given for me because that was mainly my childhood growing up and I still play it from time to time. It provides that nostalgic effect that makes me channel my inner child. My family’s dog, Ryu, had to be in there because I met him when he was only a small puppy and I slowly began to develop a connection with him throughout the summer before I had to go back to school. The Washington Capitals I chose because I love watching hockey and the Caps are my favorite team, but they love to disappoint every year. I have high expectations for them this year because of a new coach and a lot of new players on the team.

Overall, there is no particular story in this photos. It’s just a collection of what I love and what I enjoy doing and watching as a hobby. Hoped you guys enjoyed it! Here’s a picture of a bowl of pho to tease you foode’s:



I must admit, I had a lot of fun doing this assignment. I got to be creative with some of the photos I took for this assignment, and I’m pretty satisfied with myself with the photos I obtained. All the photos I took were based in my room and some parts of my dorm. I chose this area because it was within arm’s reach of myself and I had a lot things within that vicinity I could use to my advantage on this assignment.

I started the photoblitz on:

Blitz Start

I just simply took picture of my alarm clock because that was the most noticeable thing in my room that displayed any form of time.

The first photo I chose was the one based on the fact it was dominated by a single color. I know there’s a huge label on it, but the fact I noticed a fire extinguisher right outside my door and I know they’re predominantly red, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to take a picture of it.


Next, I chose the “two things that do not belong together” category and I came up with that you can’t play basketball while wearing soccer cleats.

These don't belong with each other...

After that, I chose to take a photo based on the idea of “openness” and thinking creatively, I took this photo:


Then I moved on to take a photo of my friend expressing the human emotion of happiness. And yes, I was given proper authorization from my friend herself to take a photo of her.


Finally, I just simply took a picture of my roommate’s (creepy) hand. Look at your own risk.

Scary Hand

Moving on to the photoblitz url category, I noticed right away on the collection that I saw a box of applejacks and a can of beer photo taken by Ryan. Immediately, I burst out laughing because that certainly does not belong together and the fact that it is beer being put together with cereal. Next, I saw Justin’s photo of an ordinary thing that he made more interesting. Normally, spider webs are just plain and sometimes cool designs, but when someone takes a very awesome photo of it, it makes it infinitely times cooler and more interesting. Lastly, I noticed Sara’s photo of roommate’s pet lizard (I think it is lizard? I’m not really that knowledgeable with my reptiles) taken at a weird angle. I really liked the lightning and position of the shot because it gave that vibrant look on the photo as whole. And of course, I thought it provided a small comical sense, at least for me, because of how relaxed the lizard looked and his face as well.

This assignment as whole was pretty fun in my book. Although it was a tad frustrating because I couldn’t find some things to take a picture of in my room and around my dorm. But nevertheless, I managed to get enough photos for me to choose the five I thought were the best ones appropriate for this blog post.