Weekly Summary #9!

This week was pretty eventful, as I learned a lot from doing these web assignments. I learned how to use the X-Ray goggles, do the usual three daily creates, create an assignment, and create a tutorial. I found the X-Ray goggles pretty fun to use as I was doing the storytelling within assignment, which was the first thing I did this.

Next I did the first of two required web assignments, the first being the Google Maps assignment. This was a pretty fun assignment, other than the fact Google Maps was a bit glitchy sometimes.

The second and final assignment I did was to create a fake facebook and fake twitter for a historical figure. I chose our 35th President, John F. Kennedy, for my historical figure, and this was really fun to make, especially his fakebook.

I then did my three daily creates and did my best and try to incorporate them all into a story. Both the story and all three of my daily creates on in that one post.

For the required tutorial, I simply did in my best attempt on how to create a Soundcloud account and use the site itself. I showed how to sign up and how to use the simple knick knacks of the site.

Lastly, I created a relatively easy visual assignment, where one had to take a picture of all their sports paraphernalia of their favorite sports team and upload it to flickr.

Overall, I found all the web assignments I did this week really fun but frustrating too because of all the certain small errors and mistakes that kept happening. However, I was able to progress past these and it was a great learning process as usual as each week goes by in this class. The creativity as usual came out, but I felt like this week brought out my utmost creativity based on the assignment’s instructions.

Tutorial – Creating a Soundcloud Account!

Join Soundcloud, and become submerge with all sorts and kinds of music and create playlists for yourself!

First step is to go to www.soundcloud.com. Once there, you should see a “Sign Up” button on the top left. After you click that, you should see this:

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 8.18.40 PM

At this queue screen, you can have the option of either signing up with your facebook or google account, or just simply use your standard email with a created password.

Once you’re all done setting up your account, you can either dive in straight away and search for some of your songs, or follow some of yours friends thanks to Facebook or the search bar. You can also upload your own audio files, if you fancy music or want to upload a specific audio file.

You can simply type in the artist, genre, or song name in the search bar. A stream of the users you follow will also appear if you click it:

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 8.33.59 PM

You can also repost and/or like specific tracks that you followers can see and do the same thing themselves, or add it to your playlist(s). You can also share it through your other social media platforms, such as facebook, twitter, etc.:

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 8.37.25 PM

Your likes will basically be their own playlist itself, as it will just go through the songs in order by the songs you have. It will basically look like this:

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 8.50.10 PM

Hope you guys have fun with this great website!



Wintry Circles of the Past

This assignment had me create a story based on the three daily creates I did throughout this week. The three I decided to end up doing were the winter drawing, the thirty circles challenge, and a free chance of one thing I would change in my past.

Jack Frost!

Thirty Circles Challenge!

What I would change….: 

If there was one thing I would change in the past, it would be how my mentality was coming into college. I had not expect how difficult it would be my freshman year, and I came in with a semi-lazy, high school mentality with me getting away with minimal to no studying at all to get the job done. However, this was not the case and I ended up doing pretty mediocre my first year at UMW. Though, on my sophomore year, I had a massive reality check and began to get rid of my bad habits from high school and did way better than I did the year before. Still though, my freshman year was a pretty bad experience, academic wise, and it is something I want to go back and change because that was a terrible time for me.

Now for my best attempt to create a story of out these three daily creates.

I was laying on my bed thinking about all the wonderful things Winter provides like snow, the possibility of having no classes, watching films like Elf, Jack Frost, and other classics. All of a sudden, my mom calls me, and tells me she won a machine that allows me to travel back in time to any point of my life and redo ONE exact moment or period. My thought right away was to go back to my freshman year at UMW and fix all the problems I caused to myself and have a positive mentality entering college. The machine granted my request with ease and right away, I woke up in my bed at Alvey Hall, my first dorm of college life, but I noticed there were large quantities of snow outside along with Jack Frost on my roommate’s television.

At this point, I was really confused by what had just transpired but I played along with it. It was seven in the evening, I went to make some ramen, and then watched some NFL football on my laptop with the Colts playing on Monday night. They won, and I tuned in to the last moments of a basketball preseason game, which is always boring because… well it’s preseason, no one really cares about it. Anyways, I managed to prove myself in my redo of freshman year and I earned great grades in all of my classes.

But alas, it was all only a dream, and it was proven as such when my alarm for my 10:00 AM class went off and had to get ready for the day. It was a bittersweet dream, as I had good and bad moments throughout that redo process.

Facebook and Twitter for… JFK!

Original Assignment (3 Stars)

For this assignment, I chose the historical figure of our 35th President of the United States, John F. Kennedy. Turns out, JFK seemed pretty hip to the social media scene back in the 1960’s.

While creating the Fakebook page, I utilized wikipedia and other online pages to gather all the information I thought was acceptable, ranging from his siblings, when and where he was born, to his coworkers and significant figures during his presidency. Kennedy had a significant amount of siblings, and I was surprised by the number actually. Most of the pictures were automatic when I typed them in into the Friend’s block, while I had to change some of them because of the inaccuracy of the given photo. I had trouble uploading a cover photo for Kennedy, as it would glitch out the page and would lag/freeze it as well. Here is what the page looks like:

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 4.57.24 PM

Link to JFK’s Fakebook Page

The Twister page was very easy, as typing in “JFK” gave me his profile pic and a background image as well. Oddly enough, typing in “John F. Kennedy” into that space didn’t give me anything at all, which was strange to me. For his first tweet, I simply chose his arguably most famous tweet, from his 1961 Presidential Inaugural Address.

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 4.47.16 PM

I think social media for JFK during his time would’ve been very active, given the circumstances he had to be involved in, highlighted by the high tensions of the Cold War with the Soviet Union. Situations like Vietnam, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Space Race, and others would definitely have JFK tweeting and posting like crazy.

Colts’ Away Games this Season

Original Assignment (3 Stars)

For this assignment, I thought I would do it in simple terms, and in relation to something I love to watch. I chose to do the Indianapolis Colts’ away game schedule for this 2014-2015 season. I looked up the Colts’ schedule thanks to this ESPN Article about their schedule and I used that information to plot the points throughout the United States. I was only able to create four free automobile routes on Google Maps, where the last layer was a three destination one, since the Colts had back to back away games and I figured I just draw a line from one city to another rather than having Indianapolis as an in-between city. The last three away games I had to use the “Draw a line” feature to connect the rest of the cities.

While creating this, I had to click “My Maps” after going to the Google Maps page so that I could add my own locations and paths. From there, I created each layer based on the order of city the Colts visited (for example, week one, Colts visited the Denver Broncos, etc.).

Here are the free four layers that Google Maps let me use:

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 3.49.13 PM


Here is what eight cities I used to illustrate the Colts’ away games along with the map of the journey the team will partake:

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 3.48.52 PM

Having fun with PS3 Amazon Page!

Original Assignment

I went onto Amazon and I decided to play around with the PS3 product page. I also played around with some of the default promotional tabs on the page as well. I downloaded the X-Ray Goggles to help me this task and it was pretty fun playing around with it. Here is the original page:

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 2.30.49 PM

Playing around with the text parts was easy and I didn’t feel like there was necessary image editing due to the fact my assignment was centralized around the PS3 console itself. I chose to use the PS3 as my main idea because I have one myself and I wanted to see what the pricing was on Amazon and also had some input to the page itself. Here is after my X-Ray Goggles editing:

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 3.00.12 PM

I thought this assignment was pretty fun actually, considering how creative I could get by promoting a popular console and providing zesty information about the PS3 to convince a consumer. Although there isn’t much, I did my best to edit what I thought was the most important parts. You guys can also view the original and new live versions of this page here (the seller link changed for some reason so excuse the slight difference from my screenshot to the actual page):

Original Page

New Page


Summary of Week’s 7 and 8

Whew what a intense two weeks these have been. Six daily creates, five audio assignments, which included the commercial and bumper for our radio show, and other things related to our radio show.

Here are my six daily creates I had to do over this two week period. Personally, my favorite ones out of the six I had do where the guinea pig and the Carl one because of how hilarious and creative I could be with the story and pictures.

I also had to five overall audio assignments. First one I did was the Reverse Audio Quiz, where I reversed one of my favorite songs and provided three hints for others to guess what song it was. The second audio assignment I did was Linkin Park’s Greatest Hits where I chose the five best Linkin Park songs (in my opinion) and basically combined them into one large audio file. This audio assignment I had the most fun with because it was music related and I had good practice with Audacity.

The other three I didn’t have a wide variety in selection in, as they were already preset assignments. I first did the radio bumper for our radio show and this was a simple assignment and was fun as well. I was hesitant on how to do this because I was still a bit novice at the time with Audacity but this whole week had familiarized me with Audacity. Next I did the radio commercial, which wasn’t that difficult either but a bit tougher than the bumper. I was unsure if the commercial was supposed to be about my specific segment, or for the whole radio show itself, so I just went ahead and created a commercial based on the Picante Radio theme.

I then moved onto the Chaplin Foley, which I thought would be easy but I was wrong. Although the part I was assigned was easy, coming up with sound effects was the difficult part, especially for the tiger, so if you want a good laugh, listen to my great impression of a tiger roar/growl.

For my contributions to our radio show, I created a radio bumper, commercial, and my own segment audio file, as well as a logo. But we as a group all came to agree that Thomas’ logo was the best one and we went ahead and selected that as our official group logo. The idea or theme of radio show of “Where were you when…?” came from Daniel and we also as group agreed on that particular topic. I always have a tough time recording myself because I really hate listening to myself talk and I am really awkward when I talk in front of a large audience or towards an inanimate object, such as my computer. I think our theme has a great way of relating towards others because of how broad it can be. I’m excited to see what kind of response we get from our listeners.

Overall, these two weeks have made a lot more familiar and comfortable with audio in general, and with the Audacity software itself. Hopefully, our radio show will illustrate mine and the rest of our group’s improved audio skills. I had fun creating some of these assignments and I hope I can use what I learned in future activities.