Weekly Summary #11 and #12!

Whew what a two weeks these have been. Despite the seemingly small workload, these video assignments were a lot more difficult and annoying than I thought. But at the same time, I had fun with some actually and it was a great learning experience as usual with each passing week in this class. Overall, these two weeks were pretty painful for me.

I did my six daily creates, which can be view here.

The first assignment I did was the Vine It! one. I got the chance to finally use this very popular app on my iPhone. I basically recorded what my routine was for that Saturday.

The next assignment I did was the Play It Backwards assignment. For this, I simply recorded a toilet flushing and edited it around to make it play backwards through iMovie.

Then I moved on to work on the assignment of sending a message to my 16-year old self. This assignment was pretty simple and straight forward, and I had fun with it.

I also did the Connected Clips assignment, using Family Guy was my main theme. I combined five clips from Family Guy that involved Meg being abused by almost every character on the show. This was a pretty fun assignment as well, and I got a great laugh out it while doing it.

The last assignment I did was a sports team pump-up video, and I decided to use the Washington Capitals, a regional National Hockey League Team, as my sports team. This assignment was a tad difficult, but I was able to create a great video based on my second time using iMovie, ever.

Lastly, I had to do the required assignment, where I basically had a conversation with myself. Out of everything I had to do this year, this was the biggest nightmare of them all. I could go on and on about how bad this assignment was but that’s explained in the post.

Overall, these two weeks were a good learning experience, but quite annoying at times too. I especially enjoyed doing the sports team assignment, as well as the connected clips one, because I got to use some of my favorite things and incorporate them in a assignment. In the end, I’m just glad this week is finally over. Till next time folks!

Conversation with Myself

Original Assignment (5 Stars)

Out of every single assignment I had to do for this class, this annoyed, pissed, and irritated me the most because of how much I had to do just for this assignment. I am so glad I got this over with because editing the clips I recorded on iMovie was an absolute nightmare.

With the difficulties of editing the videos itself, the timing between each line for each of me had to be spot on and it took me several tries to match it up. Recording the video and audio itself wasn’t that difficult, it was just the compilation process to make it look like a real conversation that was the hard part. There were some discrepancies when I was cropping the videos, so to hide them, I simply made the video a purple’ish color, although it’s still kind of noticeable if you look closely.

I used iMovie once again for this assignment, and even with my familiarity with it doing previous assignments, I still had lots of trouble when I was this doing this particular assignment.

For my dialogue, I just simply talked to myself about the Colts and how we thought the team was doing and if we wanted to grab lunch soon somewhere around campus. To make sure we didn’t look exactly alike, my second self had a hoodie on to separate ourselves.

Here is my final product (try not to judge please):

Capitals Pump Up Video!

Original Assignment (4.5 Stars)

For my last video assignment, I decided to do the “Sports Team Pump-Up Video”. The team I decided to use was the Washington Capitals (yes, I realized a few people have already chosen this team for their assignment, but I felt like hockey is the best sport for a pump-up video). I really love watching hockey, and it provides a great amount of drama and stress, especially if you’re an avid Caps fan.

The site I used to download my youtube clips from is called SaveFrom and it easily allows me to download any youtube clip in the given quality options they offer. I used three clips for this assignment:

  1. Mike Green OT Goal vs NY Rangers
  2. Mike Ribeiro OT Goal vs NY Rangers
  3. Capitals 6-5 OT Victory over Detroit Red Wings

Importing the videos onto iMovie, which is the app I used for this assignment, took a little longer than I thought, considering the length of each video wasn’t too long in my opinion. Cutting and splicing specific parts of each video was a bit challenging, as I was still getting used to using iMovie, but I was able to figure it out soon enough and got the clips I wanted for this video. I had to tone the volume of each clip so that way, to the best I could, so that the background song I used was able to be heard, but not overpowering that it cancelled out the in-game commentary. For the song choice, I decided to go with Indestructible by Disturbed.

Here is what my work space looked like, with my edited work on the top left box and all my supporting work that I used on the bottom box:

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 7.59.28 PM

And here is my final product:

Overall, I am really happy on how this all came out, and it really made me more familiar with iMovie. Despite the frustrations, I had a fun time doing this assignment actually.

Family Guy Connected Clips!

Original Assignment (4.5 Stars)

The next video assignment I decided to work on is the “Connected Clips” one. This initially was tough for me because I had a hard time deciding what show to do that had a good amount of reoccurring themes. Then I realized the show “Family Guy” was the perfect show to use for this assignment.

I chose Family Guy because it is one of my favorite shows and I have been watching it for several years now. For those of you that have seen this show numerous times, I’m sure you guys can come up with several reoccurring themes from each episode such as Cleveland falling out of his house when taking a bath, to Quagmire’s signature “Giggity” phrase. But for this assignment, I decided to use the reoccurring theme of Meg being abused by Peter and other characters throughout the show.

Here are the five clips that I used for this assignment (I didn’t want to embed each one because I didn’t want my blog post to be dominated by these five video clips):






I had to scale down all my videos to a 320 x 240 format because at my first attempt in compiling them, the videos all had separate sizes and had weird things going on in the background. Only then, I was able to compile all my videos in a smooth video.

Now all five of the above clips are relatively short, as they are just certain moments throughout a specific episode, so my final product is going to be relatively short as well. Here is my finished product:


My Daily Creates

My Safe Haven

I added a bit of humor aspect to this one, as I took a picture of my bathroom as part of my safe haven.

Geek Magnetic Poetry

I basically just dragged a bunch of random tiles together to form a simple question about playing a possible aliens and dragons droid program.

My Own Country’s Flag

Basically my country is going to revolve around the legend himself, Pacman.


I had to write a haiku here in somewhat of a sassy tone, going off of a smart alec perspective.

Open Web Beginnings

Throwback to when I had a myspace! This is where I first began my open web adventures.

Parking Ticket Poem

I wrote a poem about how a person would go through a situation of where he or she got caught parking in a wrong area and seeing the policeman writing the ticket.

Message to my 16-Year Old Self

Original Assignment (4 Stars)

The next video assignment I decided to do was the “Dear 16 Year Old Me” one. This assignment had me thinking quite a bit, because I was trying to figure out what to say that would be significant towards my sixteen year old self. Then I thought, hey, there was a good amount of things I could say that would be important.

The way I did this assignment was I wrote myself a script beforehand so that I wouldn’t have awkward pauses or breaks when I talked throughout the video. I then proceeded to record myself on the “Photo Booth” app that was already installed on my macbook. It looks like I’m not looking into the camera, which I’m not, but that’s just because I was reading the script off of microsoft word, which I had on the side of my laptop screen. I simply then just saved my video on my desktop and uploaded it on YouTube.

Play it Backwards!

Original Assignment (2 Stars)

This assignment was relatively easy as well, although I did have a little trouble using iMovie and it was more complex to use than I had anticipated. I captured my video clip from my iPhone and emailed the clip to myself so I could play around with on my iMovie app that was on my laptop. While the app itself was fun, I could not figure out how to improve the quality of the video itself, as you can see it is really blurry. I apologize for that, as I thought the initial capture through my phone camera was good enough. The clip I decided to reverse was basically a toilet (clean inside of course) flushing with some toilet paper in it as well. Here is what the final product looks like (again, sorry for the really bad quality):

Vine it!

Following suit of what I had stated for preparation for this assignment, I went ahead and started the Vine It! assignment that is worth 3 stars. It was a pretty fun and easy assignment, although Vine was a bit confusing to use at first because this is the first time I’ve ever had hands on use with it. Before, I would just see Vines all over the internet and it would just automatically play once I click the URL or post with a specific vine attached to it.

All I did was download the app on my iPhone from the app store, set up my account through twitter (though I synced the wrong twitter account to it and I don’t know how to undo it), and simply recorded what I thought was my best daily routine was each day (though I do not eat ramen everyday, which would be bad).

I also downloaded a plugin called “Vine Embed”, which allowed me to basically embed my vine video directly from Vine and onto my WordPress blog.

Weekly Summary #10! Videos Galore

Throughout this week, I had to learn a good amount about videos and reading movies. Thanks to Roger Ebert, I was able to obtain good knowledge on reading movies, such as left and right dominance. Other factors such as zoom also gave me insight on the significance of such actions in certain movies.

I was able to carry these new learned techniques while analyzing a clip from the movie Cloverfield. It was a good learning experience trying to analyze all the things I had just learned from Roger Ebert’s book. It almost made me felt like a profession critic while analyzing that particular clip.

For the other required assignments for this week, I moved on to analyze my assigned radio show “United Tales“, as well as give my own reflection on how our group, Picante Radio, did. Next, I did my four daily creates, which were relatively easy and fun as well. After completing my analysis of my chosen clip of Cloverfield, I went further in depth about the movie to see if I could dig up anything I have not learned yet. Then I provided an example of a YouTube Parody video on a google document that was discussed in Genres of YouTube. Lastly, I developed a plan of what video assignments I would complete for next week, which will hopefully ease and difficulties as I start to work on them.

Overall, this week was pretty fun to say the least, as I had a good time with the movie clip assignments and learning more about a film that I previously thought I had good enough knowledge about.


Planning for the Future

In preparation for next week, I was tasked in finding two potential, interesting assignments I would do and plan on what steps I would take to complete these assignments, as well as look at examples of both of these assignments. Hopefully this will benefit me because I always have a difficult time in selecting what assignments I want to complete.

The first assignment I saw that was interesting to me was the Vine It! one. I have yet to install this app on my iPhone but I’ve seen a lot of vines thanks to twitter and they’re filled with a lot of comical value. I never used it before either but I am looking forward in creating some vines in the near future. I can’t really show what I’m planning to do other than installing the app on my phone because this assignment requires me to record certain events from my day. I never really thought of using vine because I never really found the necessity of it but now I do and I am excited to use it now.

For a example of this assignment, I watched Krizzy’s Vine because she a did a great job of creating her vine and also was the only person to include a tutorial on how to complete this assignment, which I thought would be very helpful in completing this. Hopefully, this can set the tone of what I can accomplish next week.

The second assignment I thought was pretty cool is the Play It Backward, Jack assignment. I wanted to test out some software I could use to help me play a specific video clip or part backwards. Thankfully, I have iMovie already installed on my computer and going off of Amy’s example, I can definitely use iMovie, which I have never used before. It was pretty cool how she had certain parts of her clip backwards while other parts going normally forward, which is awesome. I always wanted to learn all these free, given apps that were already installed on my MacBook, and I am looking forward to testing and playing around with iMovie. I don’t know for sure what kind of video I will play backwards, since there are many different things I can record and play backwards. I think I might just show water flowing backwards but I am not sure yet.

I think these two assignments will actually be pretty fun to create and I am looking forward in doing them!