Capitals Pump Up Video!

Original Assignment (4.5 Stars)

For my last video assignment, I decided to do the “Sports Team Pump-Up Video”. The team I decided to use was the Washington Capitals (yes, I realized a few people have already chosen this team for their assignment, but I felt like hockey is the best sport for a pump-up video). I really love watching hockey, and it provides a great amount of drama and stress, especially if you’re an avid Caps fan.

The site I used to download my youtube clips from is called SaveFrom and it easily allows me to download any youtube clip in the given quality options they offer. I used three clips for this assignment:

  1. Mike Green OT Goal vs NY Rangers
  2. Mike Ribeiro OT Goal vs NY Rangers
  3. Capitals 6-5 OT Victory over Detroit Red Wings

Importing the videos onto iMovie, which is the app I used for this assignment, took a little longer than I thought, considering the length of each video wasn’t too long in my opinion. Cutting and splicing specific parts of each video was a bit challenging, as I was still getting used to using iMovie, but I was able to figure it out soon enough and got the clips I wanted for this video. I had to tone the volume of each clip so that way, to the best I could, so that the background song I used was able to be heard, but not overpowering that it cancelled out the in-game commentary. For the song choice, I decided to go with Indestructible by Disturbed.

Here is what my work space looked like, with my edited work on the top left box and all my supporting work that I used on the bottom box:

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 7.59.28 PM

And here is my final product:

Overall, I am really happy on how this all came out, and it really made me more familiar with iMovie. Despite the frustrations, I had a fun time doing this assignment actually.