Conversation with Myself

Original Assignment (5 Stars)

Out of every single assignment I had to do for this class, this annoyed, pissed, and irritated me the most because of how much I had to do just for this assignment. I am so glad I got this over with because editing the clips I recorded on iMovie was an absolute nightmare.

With the difficulties of editing the videos itself, the timing between each line for each of me had to be spot on and it took me several tries to match it up. Recording the video and audio itself wasn’t that difficult, it was just the compilation process to make it look like a real conversation that was the hard part. There were some discrepancies when I was cropping the videos, so to hide them, I simply made the video a purple’ish color, although it’s still kind of noticeable if you look closely.

I used iMovie once again for this assignment, and even with my familiarity with it doing previous assignments, I still had lots of trouble when I was this doing this particular assignment.

For my dialogue, I just simply talked to myself about the Colts and how we thought the team was doing and if we wanted to grab lunch soon somewhere around campus. To make sure we didn’t look exactly alike, my second self had a hoodie on to separate ourselves.

Here is my final product (try not to judge please):