Family Guy Connected Clips!

Original Assignment (4.5 Stars)

The next video assignment I decided to work on is the “Connected Clips” one. This initially was tough for me because I had a hard time deciding what show to do that had a good amount of reoccurring themes. Then I realized the show “Family Guy” was the perfect show to use for this assignment.

I chose Family Guy because it is one of my favorite shows and I have been watching it for several years now. For those of you that have seen this show numerous times, I’m sure you guys can come up with several reoccurring themes from each episode such as Cleveland falling out of his house when taking a bath, to Quagmire’s signature “Giggity” phrase. But for this assignment, I decided to use the reoccurring theme of Meg being abused by Peter and other characters throughout the show.

Here are the five clips that I used for this assignment (I didn’t want to embed each one because I didn’t want my blog post to be dominated by these five video clips):

I had to scale down all my videos to a 320 x 240 format because at my first attempt in compiling them, the videos all had separate sizes and had weird things going on in the background. Only then, I was able to compile all my videos in a smooth video.

Now all five of the above clips are relatively short, as they are just certain moments throughout a specific episode, so my final product is going to be relatively short as well. Here is my finished product: