One Movie, Four Icons!

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Guess the movie based from the four above icons!

When I saw this assignment, I got really excited to see what movie I could represent through four icons but as soon as I picked the movie I wanted, it was a lot harder than I thought it would be. I chose one of my all time favorite action/war movies, and I chose to represent it by using a soldier, helicopter, rocket launcher, and a runner, where all four have significant roles throughout the movie. I have seen this movie several times, and it is always a great watch, not just because of the action, but the story behind the movie as well. I also wanted to a choose a movie that wasn’t too difficult for me to create and too difficult for others too guess. So hopefully, this won’t turn out to be a long term guessing game.

I used NounProject for all my icons in my story, and I had no problem downloading the icons themselves. Now, I don’t personally own photoshop, unfortunately, but I was able to use google drawings to place my images in a simple format without anything fancy.

I chose this particular film because when I first saw it, I immediately became in awed of the action sequences and the emotional aspects throughout the movie. I saw this movie around the time it came out, which was 2001, and I was pretty young at the time and this movie was probably too inappropriate for my age, but I could say this film definitely made me love action and war related films. My dad was in the living room with me watching this too and there were some parts he made me not watch due to the fact of the graphic nature of it. I understood later after watching the movie multiple times what scenes hidden from me and it was indeed pretty graphic, but added that realistic nature behind the film and made me feel for the actual soldiers who had to endure the actual events being portrayed. Every time I watch this film, I’m always drawn to the edge of my bed because of how much action there is, and all the buildup leading up to it. Not to mention that the film also casted some great actors I knew from multiple other movies.

Credits for Photos:

Soldier by Luis Prado

Helicopter by Marat

Rocket Launcher by Blaise Sewell

Runner by Christopher T. Howlett