Part #1: The Promoter


For my final project, I decided to choose Popeye the Sailor as my central character. I used the “Advertisement Using a Cartoon Character” assignment for this post. Since I am using Popeye, I thought it would be fitting for him promoting/endorsing his favorite food, spinach.

I started off by finding two pictures, one of Popeye, and the other being a simple bag of spinach. I tried my best to neatly remove the can of spinach in the default Popeye picture and replaced it with the bag of spinach. This was very frustrating because my hands are not that study and I did not have a mouse with me, so I had to trace the edges using my trackpad. What a pain that was. I then implemented a text box into the finished edited photo. I did all my work through a website called Pixlr.

Again, it was difficult removing the little things that were noticeable in the pic, such as whitespace, etc. The picture above is my best effort I could conjure. I also could not figure out how to resize the bag of spinach so that it would fit in Popeye’s hands and muscles, so that is why there is a lot of yellow space in between, and I apologize for that.

Here is my workspace:

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 7.44.08 PM