Part #3: Refusal to Confront Issues/Legal Problems

The next chapter of this adventure revolves around Popeye’s refusal in answering the world’s questions about the global crisis regarding spinach shortages. I searched into the vast areas of the assignment bank, and I finally found one that I thought was appropriate enough for my theme. It is called “Cartoons on Trial“, where I basically have to create legal document based on a cartoon character’s actions. Now since there wasn’t any examples given, I had to look up on google for a example and here is what I conjured up to the best of my ability. I typed out the legal document on Microsoft Word:

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 10.11.01 PM

Despite the crisis, Popeye failed to understand the significance and severity of this situation, and it is starting to come back and bite him. Hopefully, he has a plan to help relieve him of all these allegations and charges being brought upon him.