I must admit, I had a lot of fun doing this assignment. I got to be creative with some of the photos I took for this assignment, and I’m pretty satisfied with myself with the photos I obtained. All the photos I took were based in my room and some parts of my dorm. I chose this area because it was within arm’s reach of myself and I had a lot things within that vicinity I could use to my advantage on this assignment.

I started the photoblitz on:

Blitz Start

I just simply took picture of my alarm clock because that was the most noticeable thing in my room that displayed any form of time.

The first photo I chose was the one based on the fact it was dominated by a single color. I know there’s a huge label on it, but the fact I noticed a fire extinguisher right outside my door and I know they’re predominantly red, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to take a picture of it.


Next, I chose the “two things that do not belong together” category and I came up with that you can’t play basketball while wearing soccer cleats.

These don't belong with each other...

After that, I chose to take a photo based on the idea of “openness” and thinking creatively, I took this photo:


Then I moved on to take a photo of my friend expressing the human emotion of happiness. And yes, I was given proper authorization from my friend herself to take a photo of her.


Finally, I just simply took a picture of my roommate’s (creepy) hand. Look at your own risk.

Scary Hand

Moving on to the photoblitz url category, I noticed right away on the collection that I saw a box of applejacks and a can of beer photo taken by Ryan. Immediately, I burst out laughing because that certainly does not belong together and the fact that it is beer being put together with cereal. Next, I saw Justin’s¬†photo of an ordinary thing that he made more interesting. Normally, spider webs are just plain and sometimes cool designs, but when someone takes a very awesome photo of it, it makes it infinitely times cooler and more interesting. Lastly, I noticed Sara’s¬†photo of roommate’s pet lizard (I think it is lizard? I’m not really that knowledgeable with my reptiles) taken at a weird angle. I really liked the lightning and position of the shot because it gave that vibrant look on the photo as whole. And of course, I thought it provided a small comical sense, at least for me, because of how relaxed the lizard looked and his face as well.

This assignment as whole was pretty fun in my book. Although it was a tad frustrating because I couldn’t find some things to take a picture of in my room and around my dorm. But nevertheless, I managed to get enough photos for me to choose the five I thought were the best ones appropriate for this blog post.