The Ultimate Merger, Microsoft + Sony = MicroSony!

Original Assignment (3.5 Stars)

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 5.21.32 PM

For this assignment, I decided to do a pretty impossible, but awesome idea of merging Microsoft AND Sony. These two companies are the top dogs of entertainment and electronic media, most notably for their Xbox and Playstation gaming consoles, respectively for Microsoft and Sony. I used google drawings for this simple edit, and I cropped out the “soft” part of “Microsoft” and then tried my best to incorporated the “SONY” text to connect with the “Micro” text.

I tried to make it colorful and although Microsoft does have it’s vibrant “Windows” logo, Sony doesn’t really have that many logos I could use to combine well enough that so, hence how simple my above image looks.

I can’t imagine what the gaming console community is going to be like when a merge like this actually happens. However, I think it would be awesome since most of the gaming community would be united under one system and the amount of people in that would be remarkable. I could say the same thing with a new computer and better TV’s as well, as their products might be substantially better.