Weekly Summary #1

Comments on other classmate’s blogs:

Kailey’s Blog: http://www.kaileyck.com/ds106/twitter-and-flickr-and-soundcloud-oh-my/#comment-5

Thomas’ Blog: http://www.tmobaird.com/uncategorized/kickin-things-off-right/#comment-3

Kelsy’s Blog: http://www.kelsyminnick.com/uncategorized/just-wanted-to-share/#comment-1

Rachel’s Blog: http://www.missbehavior.org/uncategorized/hello-all/#comment-12

Ashleigh’s Blog: http://www.ashleighswall.com/first-post-2/#comment-6

I am looking forward to not only these people’s future posts, but everybody else’s who I did not get a chance to comment or read yet.

1) My twitter: https://twitter.com/solidsnake487

2) My brief introduction: http://www.kevinle.info/uncategorized/hello-there/

3) My soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/kevin-le-112

4) My flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/127239145@N05/

5) My YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTjuqhPKhERuIW8H7DIdBqA

The theme I am using for my blog is called “sixteen” and it is really sleek and awesome. I love playing around with the different options this theme offers and I believe it will make this blog a lot cooler! The only plugin I currently have on this blog is a soundcloud plugin. However, I am thinking about installing some more plugins if needed, but I am not sure yet.

Based on this first week of class, I think the hardest part was setting everything up because I ran into some minor problems in registering my blog into the right section, amongst other small difficulties that I ended up resolving. I did learn how to become more familiar with different social media websites such as Flickr. I had already a well established knowledge of soundcloud, twitter, and youtube, as I use those sites very frequently. So far, everything seems fun to do, so I guess the only thing I am dreading is the workload, but hey, it’s college and I have to be prepared for anything my professors throw at me.

I hope everybody is having a great first week of classes and I wish everyone the best of luck the rest of the semester!