Weekly Summary #11 and #12!

Whew what a two weeks these have been. Despite the seemingly small workload, these video assignments were a lot more difficult and annoying than I thought. But at the same time, I had fun with some actually and it was a great learning experience as usual with each passing week in this class. Overall, these two weeks were pretty painful for me.

I did my six daily creates, which can be view here.

The first assignment I did was the Vine It! one. I got the chance to finally use this very popular app on my iPhone. I basically recorded what my routine was for that Saturday.

The next assignment I did was the Play It Backwards assignment. For this, I simply recorded a toilet flushing and edited it around to make it play backwards through iMovie.

Then I moved on to work on the assignment of sending a message to my 16-year old self. This assignment was pretty simple and straight forward, and I had fun with it.

I also did the Connected Clips assignment, using Family Guy was my main theme. I combined five clips from Family Guy that involved Meg being abused by almost every character on the show. This was a pretty fun assignment as well, and I got a great laugh out it while doing it.

The last assignment I did was a sports team pump-up video, and I decided to use the Washington Capitals, a regional National Hockey League Team, as my sports team. This assignment was a tad difficult, but I was able to create a great video based on my second time using iMovie, ever.

Lastly, I had to do the required assignment, where I basically had a conversation with myself. Out of everything I had to do this year, this was the biggest nightmare of them all. I could go on and on about how bad this assignment was but that’s explained in the post.

Overall, these two weeks were a good learning experience, but quite annoying at times too. I especially enjoyed doing the sports team assignment, as well as the connected clips one, because I got to use some of my favorite things and incorporate them in a assignment. In the end, I’m just glad this week is finally over. Till next time folks!