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One of my favorite pass times with my girlfriend. We travel as much as we can, and I love to take my Canon with me wherever we go. I'm a semi-professional photographer, and enjoy dynamic portrait photography.

Many of my most recent shots shown are from my trip prior to the pandemic as I typically take photos with private clients and friends.

(I will definitely update this as I ask for publishing permission of my subjects.)


Oh, the love of food, I started my first years in the kitchen just over the age I could safely hold a knife to prepare the veggies at my parent's home. I began tasting, smelling and seasoning to add flavor to the food I helped make and share. It's always a fun incentive to cook great food, not only to share it but to eat it too!


COFFEE! The elixir of energy and joy, I freshly grind my beans every morning I'm feeling like coffee because it makes a massive difference in flavor, and experience. Although I am a coffee drinking snob I don't discriminate against the various roast types, every roast has a preferential brewing method best suited to the type of coffee you buy!

All my lattes are made with Caramel or Vanilla, and either alt milks Oat/Soy!