Nextcloud Project

Self Deployed/Managed Cloud

Deploying a cloud server off Linux Ubuntu was an experience never to be forgotten.

The Project began as a personal goal to upgrade my personal computer from old Intel Haswell Architecture (DDR3) to something more modern utilizing DDR4. Since I would need to get rid of the old motherboard, processing components, and memory I decided the best use for this old technology was to repurpose it into a personal test environment.

I began by installing Ubuntu without a UI onto an old SSD that I had done data validation tests on to ensure an adequate life span for this project.

The choice to use Ubuntu Desktop with the user interface was originally discounted for the storage savings of not needing to have a UI given I would be installing and working primarily via the terminal.

However, this was quickly reverted as I learned very quickly that having easy access to a web-browser proves infinitely useful for my first crack at building this server. After having the UI enabled I was able to troubleshoot installation and update requirements much faster. Being able to visualize the directory and core components allowed growth in understanding the utilities required of the Nextcloud server.

Downloading and installing Nextcloud proved easiest as a simple stand alone application from Snapd installer. I did weigh the benefits of installing the server utilizing docker, but I need to better understand the application and deployment of docker before I can confidently migrate my data into a Docker containerized application.